About Us

The Exportalentejo is a young company established for the purpose of carrying abroad the full potential of the Portuguese region of Alentejo, presenting some of the most typical products, such as: crafts made of leather, clay, cork,  iron, wood, flavours  (wines,  sausages, honey, cheese), among others.

We also have  the  famous marble  stones  from  the areas of Estremoz, Borba and Vila Viçosa.


In Exportalentejo we work to provide our customers a regional experience of handicraft products, with our professionalism,  rigor and quality. We always attend  to  the needs of  the most demanding customers.

The  intention of  this catalog  is  to show  the  range of different products available  in our online store, here you can find everything  from our  "white gold"  to  traditional Alentejo products.

Company: Exportalentejo
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