Handicrafts in Alentejo are changing. Time has passed since they were only identified with therugged faces of the old masters, who worked in clay, iron, wood, cork, wicker, leather, hide or horn,  and  with  the  skilled  hands  of  women  who  painted  everyday  dishes, made  lace,  did embroidery or spent endless hours  in  front of  their  looms. The  tradition passed  from parents  to children, but the masters became teachers of a wider public. In this way a new generation of artists began to emerge with new and innovative products.

In this website we present some of these new products, processed cork of which Portugal is the world’s leading producer, accounting for over 60% of the volume of world exports and has an area corresponding to 25% of the existing cork oak worldwide. So when traveling around the country, especially in Alentejo, notice how the cork oak is one of the most common trees in the landscape.

Cork is a highly versatile natural product it lets you do unimaginable things.

Natural and soft ambient temperatures keeps cool and also hot when it is necessary, and it makes the comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Cork is one of the most characteristic natural products of Portugal and is part of everyday life without realizing it.


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